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Data and Services

Polar Federated Search

The ITO is working closely with the polar research community to create a single user interface for researchers, community members and data managers to search across numerous polar repositories in a single query. The goals of the pilot federated search project is to create a generalizable open-source solution that others can use for other searches; to be able to be hosted and deployed in as many places as possible; to make Antarctic as well as Arctic data available; to be usable even on poor internet connections; and to be a project that helps data repository owners meet Science On Schema metadata standards, or meets them halfway when they are unable to do so. This has been a two-prong approach: support for semantic harmonization and markup, and creating a federated search portal.

This website is a tool that is used to query and view SDO-Metadata crosswalks Hosted on RDA’s GitHub site

You can read more and try out our customizable federated search website.