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New publication: Polar Data Forum IV – An Ocean of Opportunities

ITO research associate Chantelle Verhey is a co-author of the newly published conference proceedings from the Polar Data Forum IV in Data Science Journal, along with ITO alumni Dr. Karen Payne and Soulaine Theocharides. 

This paper reports on the hackathon sessions organised at the Polar Data Forum IV (PDF IV) hosted virtually 20–24 September 2021, their outcomes, and on the experience of hosting a fully online forum. The hackathon sessions focused on best practises for polar data management, data policy, documenting data flows into aggregators, interoperability for polar observing networks and logistical resources, polar federated search, semantics and vocabularies (led by Chantelle), VREs for polar oceans (co-led by Soulaine and Karen), and ocean technology supporting polar science for the next decade. These are all long-standing topics in the polar community, and the hackathons were noted to be a beneficial accelerant for these areas of work as well as a clear demonstration of how polar research breaks down disciplinary and geographic silos.

The article is open access and available through the Data Science Journal.

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Janssen AR, Bricher P, Payne K, Badhe R, Biebow N, de Bruin T, Duerr R, Elshout P, Gaylord A, Godøy Ø, Gorringe P, Guihen D, Kool J, Larsen JR, Nolan J, Novellino A, Manley W, Marouchos A, McCammon M, Murray M, Parrott J, Pearlman J, Peat H, Pulsifer P, Symons L, Tacoma M, Theocharides S, Tronstad S, Verhey C and Van de Putte A. 2023. Polar Data Forum IV – An Ocean of Opportunities. Data Science Journal, 22: 18, pp. 1–13. DOI: