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New ITO publication: Polar Federated Search article

The ITO’s Polar Federated Search article, detailing the resources the ITO has contributed to the Polar Research Data Management Community, was accepted in Polar Science on April 23rd, 2023 and is now available online in open access format: 

One of the key resources described in the article is the Polar Federated Search (PFS), highlighting the pilot portion of the program which was launched in 2021-2022. PFS provides federated search capability through a single interface, where users can submit queries that search multiple databases and receive a single compiled response of Arctic and Antarctic data. Like all WDS-ITO projects, PFS was developed in close collaboration with the research community and is open for feedback in addition to being completely open source. Full details regarding polar community engagement, infrastructure, and software development for PFS can be found in the article.

Double sided arrows move between a box saying "Federated Search App Backend" and a box saying "Federated search App User Interface". a blue cylinder labelled "Gleaner Triplestore" and a icon labeled "DataOne Index". The Gleaner Triplestore is connected via a double pointed arrow to an icon labelled "". is connected via a double arrow to a cloud labelled "other repositories" with icons inside depicting a whale, scatter and line charts, the artic ice sheets, and a snowflake. The DataOne Index is connected via a double-pointed arrow to a cloud labelled "Science-on-schema/DataOne repositories", with icons inside depicting orcas, people hiking and snowmobiling, wind, seals, penguins, bar charts, line charts, and a snowflake. The Federated search app user interface is connected via double connected arrows to icons of a laptop, mobile phone, and computer monitor. The Federated search app user interface box, the federated search app backend box, the gleaner triplestore cynlinder, and the icon are within a red circle labelled "Kubernetes Deployment".

Schematic of the Pilot Polar Federated Search deployment. The SO–SO/DataONE repositories have implemented the more rigorous version of SO–SO, while the Gleaner tools have been developed to harvest from other repositories who implement the less stringent SO–SO guidance. (Figure 2 from Verhey et al (2023))

Screenshot of the current POLDER Federated Search panel.

Current search page for the Polar Federated Search ( The webpage includes options for a keyword search, spatial search, temporal search, and author search. (Figure 3 from Verhey et al. (2023))

Congratulations to our polar team on delivering a much needed resource for polar researchers and providing invaluable support for polar data enhancement practices!

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