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ITO welcomes new director

The WDS-ITO is excited to welcome its new director, Reyna Jenkyns. Reyna is transitioning to the ITO from her position as Data Stewardship Manager for Ocean Networks Canada (ONC), and will be working in both roles until September 2023 when she will move completely into her new ITO director role.

Reyna has served ONC in its Digital Infrastructure department since 2009. As ONC Data Stewardship Manager, she leads the Data Stewardship & Operations Support team which provides metadata and data management, geospatial services, and expedition support. She received her Bachelor of Mathematics in the Applied Mathematics Co-operative Program from the University of Waterloo, and her Master of Science in Ocean Physics from the University of Victoria. Her prior work experience spans companies specializing in oceanographic monitoring systems, aerospace, and information technology.

Reyna will be jumping into preparations for International Data Week as well as project planning for the next stages of the ITO. 

Read more about Reyna and the beginnings of this new chapter for the WDS on the WDS-IPO press release.