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ITO and GORC-WG at RDA20

We are pleased to announce that the ITO, through our work with the Research Data Alliance Global Open Research Commons International Model Working Group (RDA GORC-WG), will be participating in three events at the upcoming 20th RDA Plenary Meeting to be hosted in Gothenburg, Sweden in March 2023.

We have been working with international partners, RDA, and EOSC Future to create the “Building blocks of Global Research Commons: Europe and beyond” co-located half-day event on Monday, March 20, 2023. This event will open with presentations and discussions on the current implementations and challenges of research commons globally, including an overview of the progress and findings of the GORC-WG by ITO Director Dr. Karen Payne. Representatives from research commons will then discuss solutions to these issues through presentations and panel discussions, and how the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) will rise to the challenge.

Nine hexagons fitted together in a honey-comb pattern, each with an icon and label. The title in the top left reads “Global Open Research Commons - Essential Elements”, and a copyright icon in the bottom right indicates the image is protected under the Attribution Creative Common licence and must be attributed as “GORC-IG, 2021”.  The three top hexagons and two on the outer edges have a white background, and from left to right read “Human Capacity”, “Rules of Participation”, “Governance Structures”, “Engagement”, and “Sustainability”. The central hexagon is dark blue and reads “Interoperability & Standards”. The bottom three hexagons are light blue and read, from left to right, “Compute, Storage, Network”, representing ICT infrastructure, “Research Objects”, and “Services & Tools”.
GORC-IG Typology of Research Commons Essential Elements. These Essential Elements are the foundation for the GORC-WG investigation into research commons benchmarks for interoperability. The three elements in blue are the underpinning digital elements that constitute the parts of the commons with which people interact. The five elements in white are the social/human elements that are needed to make the commons succeed. The central element in dark blue represents that way in which standards are at the core of a commons

Next on the agenda will be the GORC-WG working meeting tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday, March 23, 2023 Tuesday, March 21, 2023. In this meeting, the GORC-WG will propose a preliminary first version of our main final output. This preliminary first version will be a list of attributes, features, and KPIs that are desirable for research commons to have or aim for to be interoperable on a global scale and included in the desired global open research commons. This session will also include a case-study presentation and discussion of the application of the GORC Interest Group’s (GORC-IG) typology of research commons essential elements to the EOSC Finnish Forum and Nordic implementations of research commons, presented by members of the GORC-IG. More information on this session will be is available on the preliminary programme final programme.

Finally, we are hosting a full-day hybrid GORC-WG workshop facilitated by RDA-TIGER on Friday March 24, 2023. The “GORC International Model WG: Model Synthesis Workshop” will provide GORC-WG members dedicated face-to-face working time to finalize our preliminary first version output, discuss challenges and issues that arose during the evaluation process, and prepare for creating official outputs and supporting documentation over the next six months before the November 2023 deadline. More information on this co-located event can be found on the co-located events draft program.

It will be a busy week at RDA20, and we look forward to seeing you there in person or online. If you are an undergraduate student, graduate student, or postdoctoral fellow enrolled at a Canadian university or college, consider applying for our Student Travel Support Fund to enable your direct participation in RDA20.

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(Posted updated February 2023)