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ITO at International Seminar on Biodata and AI

ITO coop student Dominik Bednarczyk will present his work with Local Contexts at the International Seminar on Biodata and AI (ISBA) hosted by the China National GeneBank in Shenzhen, China on September 9th, 2023. ISBA is a hybrid seminar with registration free of charge.

The ENRICH Local Contexts project creates a system of labels that enables Indigenous data sovereignty. The project supports sustainability and conservation, helping to identify best practices and continuing the push for more ethical research practices such as empowering Indigenous communities to identify their contributions and for researchers to more easily follow up on information used. Dominik’s project aims to integrate these labels into a currently used biodiversity metadata standard to support their use globally.

There is a consistent concern with bias in training data for AI, or artificial intelligence, models and for appropriate attribution of training data. Having appropriate metadata and metadata labels can mitigate that bias and promote responsible data sharing as well as reduce data exploitation while still pursuing open science in the life sciences. 

Register now for ISBA to learn more about how researchers around the world are aiming for well-rounded legal and ethical compliance while using AI, and to hear Dominik present on how Local Contexts can ensure Indigenous data sovereignty in this advancing field. Note that ISBA starts at 9:00 CST, which is 1:00 UTC on September 9th.